Friday, July 30, 2010

Mount Pleasant, MI-London, ONT, Canada July 27-30, 2010

O, Canada! Today, we biked across a huge bridge spanning Lake Huron from Port Huron, Michigan to Sarnia, Canada--the bridge was closed to other traffic while we biked across. We had a sag vehicle in front of us leading with the other sag vehicle and luggage truck following the bikers. There were two huge expansion joints (king pins) where we had to walk our bikes--my bike slipped down in one of the cracks on the first set of king pins so Ian (from England, formerly from Scotland) carried my bike and his across the second set of king pins. Other than that, it all went smoothly--we were waved through Canadian customs as our paperwork had been pre-screened. It was the only day that our group all cycled together--at least for a few miles, then we all spread out in our ususal fashion of taking pictures, stopping for personal needs, having a snack, or just biking in a faster or slower fashion. The Canadian countryside is similar to Michigan's where we just left--lots of farms, livestock, wild flowers, and countryside. The roads seem a bit smoother here and some of the houses seem a bit more prosperous. We biked 89 miles today--my total mileage for the trip is 2,958 miles! So tomorrow I should hit over 3,000 miles--it's fun to look at a map to see how far we've traveled. The weather has been excellent for the most part--it has only rained two mornings--and we are at Day 40 today! We stay in Canada till Sunday, July 31, when we'll cross over to Niagara Falls, NY. I've never been there, and I'm sure I'll really enjoy it as our final rest day will be there on Monday, August 1! Only 9 more cycling days--and 3 more states!
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  1. wow....has that gone fast! At least from my end of it! That's hard to believe....just 9 more days. WOW!

  2. It does feel like it flew but I am sure it feels differently to you, Sis! LOL. I LOVE that picture... how you are in focus and the sign is a little blurred. Framer!