Saturday, August 14, 2010

Liverpool, NY to Rye, NH 8-4 to 8-9-10

I biked it all--yes, all 3,751 miles from Astoria, OR to Rye, NH! The finish at Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH felt like a long time coming, but the trip overall grew into one big blur of memories--7 days we biked centuries (over 100 miles), but the hardest part for me was climbing the mountains--the Cascades, the Rockies, and the Appalacians. As soon as we crossed over the Vermont state line, I breathed a big sigh of relief to be back in New England again! We averaged 82 miles a day during the 45-day trip of cycling (plus we 5 rest days). Barbie Zucchi and Adele Ames came to the banquet in Manchester, NH, and they brought a yummy picnic to the beach the next day (chicken, cornbread, fresh fruit, etc.) where I was also greeted by Pam, Jocelyn, and Alyson Veilleux and Carol and Cathy from RI! What a wonderful group to celebrate our victory--and even, "wow" balloons from Mom Zucchi! It was a great group of cyclists to travel with--diverse backgrounds, the youngest was 17 and the oldest was 66! I'll try to have my namesake post some pictures in a couple of weeks--the pictures from the last day weren't on my camera, and I'm having technical difficulties posting pictures from a Snapfish album by Adele. I appreciated all the e-mails and facebook comments of encouragement--I read them all, although I was often too tired at night to respond. Thanks for going along with me on a bicycling journey across America!

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